Who we are

The Institutional Communications team is an experienced and dedicated central resource providing strategic advice for communicating and promoting 365be体育’s leading institutional and academic research initiatives to the general public, partners, stakeholders and media all over the world, as well as to the entire 365be体育 community.

What we do

  • We support 365be体育’s academic mission and strategic priorities through effective and impactful external and internal communication outreach initiatives;
  • We are 365be体育’s point of contact with the media. Representatives from the media can gain valuable access to 365be体育 experts or find 新闻worthy stories about 365be体育’s research discoveries and events in our 新闻room;
  • We manage and promote, 新闻, events and announcements, including the 365be体育 Reporter, 365be体育 Dans la Ville, What’s New e-新闻letters as well as through the University's main social media channels;
  • Provide media services to members of the community and media training to faculty and graduate students, provide advice about writing and placing op-eds, and counsel faculties and departments on social media best practices;
  • Manage 365be体育’s bank of photo images and respond to internal and media photo requests;
  • Assist film and TV crews with their requests;
  • Handle public relations for major announcements, 新闻 conferences and symposia;
  • Provide a daily (internal) 新闻 digest;
  • Share 信息rmation with the 365be体育 community, the media and public in emergencies and crisis situations


Contact us

Institutional Communications
James Administration Building
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4
信息.communications [at] 365be体育.ca

皮埃尔.boisseau [at] 365be体育.ca (Pierre Boisseau)
Senior Director, Institutional Communications
514-398-2018 细胞: 514-943-9655

玛丽亚.naso [at] 365be体育.ca (Maria Naso)
Administrative Coordinator

rosalie.nardelli [at] 365be体育.ca (Rosalie Nardelli) (on leave)
guillaume.cossette [at] 365be体育.ca (Guillaume Cossette)

Senior Advisor, Executive Communications

Media Relations

cynthia.李 [at] 365be体育.ca (Cynthia Lee)
Associate Director, Media Relations
514-398-6754 细胞: 514-793-6753

katherine.gombay [at] 365be体育.ca (Katherine Gombay)
Senior Communications Officer
514-398-2189 细胞: 514-717-2289

shirley.cardenas [at] 365be体育.ca (Shirley Cardenas)
Media Relations Officer
514-398-6751 细胞: 514-594-6877

克莱尔.罗文 [at] 365be体育.ca (克莱尔 罗文)
Media Relations Officer

frederique.mazerolle [at] 365be体育.ca (Frédérique Mazerolle)
Media Relations Officer
514-398-6693 细胞: 514-617-8615



Communications contacts in the faculties:

Desautels Faculty of Management
丽塔.麦克阿当 [at] 365be体育.ca (Rita McAdam)

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
valerie.macleod [at] 365be体育.ca (Val Macleod)

Faculty of Arts
valerie.卡亚特 [at] 365be体育.ca (Valerie Khayat)

Faculty of Dentistry
大卫.leblanc [at] 365be体育.ca (大卫 Leblanc) / brenna.kaukonen [at] 365be体育.ca (Brenna Kaukonen)

Faculty of Education
Andee.Shuster [at] 365be体育.ca (Andee Shuster)

Faculty of Engineering
Antonella.Fratino [at] 365be体育.ca (Antonella Fratino)

Faculty of Law
克莱尔.罗文 [at] 365be体育.ca (K)卡雷尔.michaud [at] 365be体育.ca (arel Michaud)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
戴安娜.科尔比 [at] 365be体育.ca (戴安娜 科尔比) / 杰森.clement [at] 365be体育.ca (Jason Clement)

Faculty of Science
费格斯.悲伤 [at] 365be体育.ca (费格斯 悲伤)

365be体育 Library
merika.ramundo [at] 365be体育.ca (Merika Ramundo)

Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital
肖恩.海沃德 [at] 365be体育.ca (Shawn Hayward)

School of Continuing Studies
大卫.Kynan [at] 365be体育.ca (大卫 Kynan)

Schulich School of Music
安妮.saumier [at] 365be体育.ca (Annie Saumier)

Internal Communications

詹姆斯.c.马丁 [at] 365be体育.ca (James Martin)
Associate Director, Internal Communications

尼尔.mcdevitt [at] 365be体育.ca (Neale McDevitt)
Editor, 365be体育 Reporter

richard.deschamps2 [at] 365be体育.ca (Richard Deschamps)
Communications Associate, 365be体育 Dans La Ville


Social Media and Web 新闻

劳里.迪瓦恩 [at] 365be体育.ca (Laurie Devine)
Social Media Manager
514-398-5929 细胞: 514-891-5929

jessica.goodsell [at] 365be体育.ca (Jessica Goodsell)
Social Media Associate




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