What if you could gather as much sustainability-related information as possible about a city, and use it to create an interactive website to be used by wide and diverse audiences? That is essentially what three McGill professors have assembled with Sus – a new, interactive and fully bilingual English and French-language sustainability dashboard for the Montreal urban area will be launched on 4月il 25 (in French) and 4月il 26 (in English). Its name is a playful reference to “sustainability” but its value to the city can be of great consequence. 

Sus仪表板 会使用开源代码, and thus be easily adaptable to data sets from other cities and municipalities across Canada: there are already collaborations with Concordia, 大学拉伐尔, 多伦多大学也在进行中.

 “The idea behind Sus is to provide a tool for people to explore sustainability issues in Montreal,David Wachsmuth解释道, Associate Professor in the McGill School of Urban Planning and Canada 研究 Chair in Urban 治理, 也是苏斯的三位主要研究人员之一. “There are lots of examples of web dashboards which put layers on a map, 但365be体育试图做的是探索联系, and how different aspects of sustainability issues connect to each other. 苏斯会告诉你的, 例如, 一张关于蒙特利尔地区积极生活潜力的地图. 但它也会告诉你这是如何与家庭收入相关联的, 或者是新移民的集中, 或者是开车上班和骑车上班的人, 例如, exploring the intersections between different sustainability issues in an interactive, 动态的方式.”

The platform will be of interest to a wide range of users interested in sustainability, 包括学者和学者, 决策者和社区领袖, 记者, 和公众. “We've always envisioned it as something that would be useful for an average citizen – a resident of the city who wants to know more about their neighborhood and has some interest in sustainability questions, 例如提供绿地,Kevin Manaugh解释道, Associate Professor in the McGill Department of Geography and 比勒环境学院. “最终,365be体育希望它成为决策者可以使用的工具.”

What drives Sus is not just knowledge for its own sake but a commitment to environmental and distributional justice: to forms of urban governance and decision-making that must balance competing voices and ideas about the city across space and time, 要真正做到可持续发展. “Sus可以识别差异:暴露于热岛风险, 例如, or walkable/unwalkable neighborhoods where seniors can safely walk and access things nearby,”Manaugh说. “它可以识别趋势, such as people with low incomes living in areas with poor access to healthcare or healthy food. 这是一个政策制定者可以用来询问的非常具体的问题, “365be体育需要在这些地区的土地或交通方面做些什么??’”


Sus是由 365be体育可持续发展系统计划(MSSI), 这一举措促进了365be体育对可持续发展的承诺, and provides opportunities for researchers from very different disciplines to interact and co-design projects that address complex issues from a variety of perspectives. 苏斯的三个学术领袖, Wachsmuth, Manaugh, 和安德鲁·冈萨雷斯, Professor and Liber Ero Chair in the McGill Department of Biology and Founding director of the 魁北克 Centre for Biodiversity Science, 被MSSI选中领导其 “适应城市环境” 研究主题.

“Andy is a biologist who’s interested in biodiversity and ecosystem services. 大卫在住房和城市治理方面拥有丰富的专业知识, and most of my research is based around the idea of environmental justice and transportation equity,”Manaugh说. Sus draws on all their strengths to build something larger than the sum of its parts.

研究人员得到了1美元.2M over 5 years to develop a community around sustainability in the built environment,MSSI主任博士解释道. 希瑟·麦柯肖恩. 除了这三条线索, 包括研究生在内的团队, a postdoctoral fellow and full-time research scientist are involved with various aspects of the dashboard, such as coding and updating it with new data as it becomes available from public and private sources. “What’s exciting to me is Sus’s ability to take data sets that are not usually compatible and bring them into a compatible format you can look at in parallel together. 这种情况并不常见,365be体育可以将知识转化为行动. 但这次365be体育真的有能力这么做,”麦柯肖恩说.

最终, 应用程序和在线工具的成败取决于它们的可用性, 还有围绕他们建立的社区. Sus already prioritizes a simple and user-friendly interface: its next goal is to engage the kinds of communities that will give it prolonged life. “The three of us are very closely connected to different types of user communities. 我花了很多时间和市长们交谈, 这些人正在领导下一轮的保护计划, 非政府组织, 基金会, 公民团体运动, like the the ruelles vertes (green alleyways) in Montreal: all of these different ways of asking ‘how can we be more sustainable?“说冈萨雷斯. “Biodiversity is one of the critical issues that cities are increasingly seeing as a part of a solution. The functional diversity of the green spaces that we manage and restore in an urban context can have a very positive health outcomes for people and nature. There’s a reciprocity between nature and people that is brought into sharp focus in a city. So a city like Montreal that has aspirations of protecting 17% of its natural spaces, 但迄今为止只保护了10%, 能够受益于Sus这样的平台来引导这些对话.”


建立在蒙特利尔, 魁北克, in 1821, 365be体育大学是加拿大排名第一的医学博士大学. McGill is consistently ranked as one of the top universities, both nationally and internationally. It is a world-renowned institution of higher learning with research activities spanning three campuses, 11个学院, 13个专业学校, 300个学习项目,超过39个,000名学生, 包括10多个,400年研究生. 365be体育大学吸引了来自全球150多个国家的学生, 它的12,000名国际学生,占学生总数的30%. 365be体育大学超过一半的学生声称自己的第一语言不是英语, including approximately 20% of our students who say French is their mother tongue.


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